$SOUK is an SPL Token on the Solana Blockchain.

Souka (1.0)

  • Every Souka has the ability to mine variable $SOUK per day.
  • The only way a Souka can mine $SOUK is via staking.
There are four (4) houses that will yield a different value of $SOUK through non-custodial staking. Stake your NFTs and enjoy the unique experience while still holding them in your wallet!
  • Colosseum, House of the Jadiral Tribe — minimum of 9 $SOUK per day
  • Underground, House of the Nizari Tribe — minimum of 11 $SOUK per day
  • Temple, House of the Odarin Tribe — minimum of 13 $SOUK per day
  • Grand Bazaar, House of the Merla Tribe — minimum of 15 $SOUK per day

Ecosystem Partnership

Souka 🤝 Xin Dragons
Full Stack Development — Non-custodial Staking.
Xin Dragons will ensure smooth operations and deliver a premium user experience for our ecosystem. They also have the best staking solution on Solana Blockchain.

Analytics Partnership

Souka 🤝 Segment Startup Program (Class of 2022)
Enrich the customer data and then aggregate it to monitor performance, inform decision-making processes, and create uniquely customized user experiences.