Introduction to the governance, the community of verified Souka.

DAO Governance

  • The Monarchy
1) Monarchs — The founders of SoukaDAO and Tribe Leaders of Soukaland
2) Shadow Council — Voted by community members of SoukaDAO. They approve proposals from the community and team before voting commences.
3) Alpha Tribe — A team of Alpha Hunters who are knowledgeable of the markets and have a proven track record of sharing high-quality calls.
Council leaders and hunters are working cohesively to decide on DAO acquisitions.
  • Treasury
SoukaDAO gets its funding from the secondary marketplace, the fee of 8.00% royalty is broken down into 3 components.
1) Marketplace Operator (10%) — 0.8%
2) DAO Funds / Treasury — 4.2%
3) Monarchs — 3.0%
  • DAO Proposals (Mutual agreement)
1) Assets acquisition for raffles for $SOUK (Premium NFTs, WLs, merch, etc.)
2) Community events, increase assets, and future expansion plans
3) Miscellaneous payment related to SoukaDAO (hiring, talents, etc.)