Odarin Tribe

Odarin — the one that speaks with nature. (Sorcerer - Epic trait)
Odarin Tribe - Male/Female
Long before humans stepped foot on Soukaland, the land was dwelled by nymphs and dryads, the sole reason for its thriving verdure. Even after King Uyg unified Soukaland, these magical creatures shied away to the south, avoiding contact from mortal beings.
… Until the arrival of refugees from the war-torn neighboring kingdom of Can'aan.
The group, later known as Odarin tribe, is favored by the creatures, resulting in peaceful coexistence. Upon decades of interdependence, the Odarin experiences significant physical evolution, making them susceptible to magic and gaining the ability to understand the voices of the trees.
The Odarin is the smallest in number but they wield power greater than any other tribes. Yet, they isolate themselves from the land's politics and only send emissaries to the tribe leaders biennial summit, observing strict non-intervention convenance.
Their leader, Arya, is believed to be the physical manifestation of Gaia, the ancient god of the land.
She possesses excessive mana and is able to lay waste upon a city with a flick of her long, slender fingers — a deed she performed much later after losing her only child in a tragic misfortune.
Falling victim to the Sultan's scheme, Arya survived the depths of hell and successfully returned to exact revenge - for her tribe, the nymphs, the dryads and her child.
The dreary, dry Soukaland, once a lush greenery before the Odarin suffered a genocide, will again be painted in colour — this time a vivid, crimson red.