Nizari Tribe

Nizari — the one that walks in the cloak of shadows. (Assassin - Rare trait)
Nizari Tribe - Male/Female
Nizari is a small, dwindling tribe located in the Valley of Ukhtoor, west of Soukaland. Later known as the valley of death since there is only one reason for visitation — to request for an assassination.
The child of Nizari, mostly orphans, willing or unwilling, from all corners of Soukaland, undergo hellish training in the art of stealth, murder and poison, prepping them to become pillars of Nizari's assasination squad. The training is so inhumane that 6 out of 10 children end up as corpses by the time the training ends.
Though Azïl and Yitzak are the twin of the Nizari's chief, they went through the same tribulations, with Yitzak topping the class. Azïl, however, was the jarring opposite, touted to possess such a gentle, compassionate heart, unbefitting the tribe's code.
After the untimely death of the chief due to poison, Yitzak succeeded the leadership mantle. Alas, the tribe plunged into a dark, brooding era under Yitzak's tyranny, reducing its glory to a mere bandit, easily wagging its tail in exchange of a few bronze coins.
But Heaven's benevolence appears when least expected.
Due to a fateful encounter, Azïl inherited the will and abilities of The Shadow Emperor, the legendary figure during the Great War. He swore to correct the Nizari's path in hopes to provide a better future for the orphans.
Even at the cost of Yitzak's severed head.