Merla Tribe

Merla — the one that weighs value in everything. (Merchant - Legendary trait)
Merla Tribe - Male/Female
Every tribe breathes differently. For Merla, the musty, metallic smell of shilling often jolts their lungs.
Originated from a group of traveling merchants, the Merla tribe takes root in Soukaland to capitalize on The Souk’s fame — the world’s safest bazaar.
Unlike other tribes, the Merla is known for their wits and wealth, a different form of strength. It is said that every trade, legal or illegal, passes through a Merla’s at least once.
Rama, the firstborn of Surya’s patriarch, the top family of Merla tribe, was born with not just silver, but a diamond embedded golden spoon. With the best surroundings and access, Rama grew as an astute merchant, exceeding expectations.
It was said that he once earned 5 gold coins only by bartering a dog’s carcass in the beginning — a feat performed at the mere age of 14.
Instead of only trading dyes, Surya’s renowned goods, Rama expanded the family legacy by peddling weaponry, arming the vagrants and soldiers alike. He earns the nickname "the blood merchant" given that his goods could be found scattered in every bloodbath.
What truly sets Rama as lethal was his daringness in the face of other tribes. He was responsible in curbing the Jadiral-Nizari pact from monopolizing the gold trade and successfully drove a wedge between Solomon and Yitzak.
And now Rama is out to take out his biggest challenge yet — overtaking the Sultan as the most influential figure in Soukaland.
To cement his ambition, he handpicks 99 best Merla descendants and bestows them with a distinctive scroll that grants them an ability to stake or HODL at a higher rate, earning them direct entry to trade in Soukaland's Grand Bazaar as a merchant.