Jadiral Tribe

Jadiral — the one yearns for honor. (Warrior - Common trait)
Jadiral Tribe - Male/Female
This warring tribe that occupies the mountain region of Wal-Dād, northeast of Soukaland, was famously known for their savagery. The tribe thrives on the pursuit for absolute power and yearns to die while hoisting the crest of Jadiral in the battlefield — a feat that will guarantee their soul a place in Valhalla.
It is said that the Jadiral crossed the Sea of Lindisfarne and met King Uyg, the first king of Soukaland. Unable to discern the true value of Wal-Dād, King Uyg bequeathed them autonomy over the region, rich with gold ores.
The leader of the tribe is chosen through “styrkr þræll”, a ritual where any Jadiral men, or women, challenges the current chieftain to the death, earning absolute fealty from the tribe — or ends up as yet another kill count.
Solomon, the 13th nephew of the then-chieftain, had long been lauded as an exceptional talent. At the age of 9, his notoriety resounded throughout the tribe upon mauling a pack of Fenryr wolf — barehanded.
At the age of 25, he helmed the tribe after severing the chieftain's head, the youngest to win a styrkr þræll duel. Solomon established the Jadiral as the force to reckon with - becoming one of the most dominant tribes in Soukaland.
Alas, time is foe for all men.
As the ores diminishes, so does Solomon's physique. Having passed half a century, Solomon gradually wilts like the autumn leaves.
In the face of Rama's wits, Solomon failed to curb Merla's dominance. Rumors of a weakened chieftain among the Jadiral only adds salt to the wound.
For now, Solomon struggles to exert credence in the heart of his men while battling an inner demon of inferiority.
Or perhaps, his head will tumble upon the blade of a new challenger.