Souka NFT

An original idea focused heavily on unique art direction — mixed culture innovation.
Reference: PFP characters development was based on historical figures from different medieval times or folklores mainly the Ottoman Empire, Middle Ages, Vikings, Ancient Persia, etc.
Take a leap into this vast, mythical world of Soukaland, where 4 tribes vie to gain control over The Souk.
Whose sides are you on?
Be warned — the desert will consume those unworthy.
There are 4 different Tribes, each with its own unique lore, cultural formation, and RARITY in metadata.

Trait Categories

  • Jadiral Tribe — Common trait
  • Nizari Tribe — Rare trait
  • Odarin Tribe — Epic trait
  • Merla Tribe — Legendary trait
Jadiral Tribe
Nizari Tribe
Odarin Tribe
Merla Tribe


Legend has it, that there are merely 30 Merlas holding “Ancient Scroll” in Soukaland. Exactly 1% (30/3000) of the total Souka Collection!