An oasis for weary travelers, greedy merchants and dutiful warriors — even vengeful vagrants.

What is Souka?

Souka is an original collection of high-quality and unique characters centered around ancient and medieval art culture built on the Solana blockchain.
With its long and narrow alleys, it is the largest covered historic market with minted population. Each NFT is algorithmically generated by combining 540+ unique traits with varying rarity across categories.
Our core mission is to provide long-term value utilities and inclusive DAO-enabled community-driven projects as well as strive to excel in the unique web3 marketplace or bazaar for our holders.
Behind the Name
Etymology and history of Souka branding name
Souk /suːk/ — an Arab market or marketplace; a bazaar. The term souk comes from Arabic and refers to marketplaces.
— From the Wikipedia
Original Sketch
An original interpretation from the team's vision of an imaginary ancient market of Soukaland, The Souk.

News & Updates

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